with Ultimate Drumming's Introduction to Drum Styles such as Jazz or Latin drumming techniques. Ultimate Drumming explores the many styles of drumming that give way to valuable techniques utilized by music professionals to capture the rhythm and timing of some of the world's best styles and techniques. Here at Ultimate Drumming we focus on the following drum styles and techniques:

Drum Styles

Country music originated in the United States (the Appalachians of America's South) beginning in the 1920's. Ultimate Drumming provides education and information regarding Country Drum Lessons. The influence that American Country artists such as Hank Williams, Arthur Smith and Kitty Wells has had on popular culture is a key part of American popular culture. In fact Hank Williams heavily influenced legends Elvis, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Chuck Berry in the early days of Rock n Roll. Country music has influenced many genres of modern music including country pop, country rock, outlaw country, country soul, neo country, and alt-country. There are multiple international country stars proving Country music is one of the most popular styles of music in the world.

Learn to drum the following country drum styles:

  • Country Pop
  • Outlaw Country
  • Country Rock
  • Country Soul
  • Neo-Country
  • Alt-Country

Interested in learning how to play the styles of country drumming? Jim has listed the skills that you will need to learn to play Country on the drums. Click/tap on the following lesson pages to get started.

Latin Drum Styles

Latin music includes Bossa Nova, Samba, Salsa, Tango, Merengue and many others and influenced more mainstream genres like Latin pop, rock, jazz,reggae, hip hop, pop, and rap. It originates from Latin America and the Caribbean, mostly Spanish and Portuguese speaking regions, where African music mixed with the music from the indigenous people. This musical combination established some great music genres

Latin drum styles for many begin with Bossa Nova beats and rhythm. Bossa Nova means new beat. An absolute must for Latin, jazz and a number of rock songs. These beats start out with Bossa primers to help develop coordination for the actual Bossa. The Bossa Nova is a simple groove to play, yet don't let it's simplicity fool you, it is one of Brazil's most popular forms of Latin music and we believe it is incredibly effective for expanding Latin drum technique. The Bossa Nova is usually played at slower tempos, and is eighth-note based. You will notice there is a standard "Bossa Nova" clave pattern played within this groove.