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Ultimate Drum Lessons Are Perfect For Beginners

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Cool Latin Drum Lesson 1

Cool Latin Drum Lesson 2

Cool Latin Drum Lesson 3

Cool Latin Drum Lesson 4

Cool Latin Drum Lesson 5

Beginning Online Drum Lessons and Different Styles

Alternative Rock drum lessons are designed to enhance the drummer's insight into the the raw energy of alternative rock drumming. Alternative rock or Alt-Rock started back in the 1980's from the underground independent rock scene where bands wanted to distinguish themselves from the mainstream rock scene much like the Punk scene of the 1970's. In Seattle the grunge scene took the stage hard and alternative hit big when bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden rocked the scene.

In California Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jane's Addiction, and Pearl Jam to name just a few were topping the charts. Ironically, Alternative Rock became mainstream topping the charts for most of the decade. Alt-Rock began to fade in popularity by the end of the 90's but remains an influence in today's rock scene.

Free Rock and Roll Drum Lessons Online

Expand your Rock and Roll technique with Master Drum Teacher Jim McCall and the FREE LESSONS provided below!
8th Note Rock and Roll Beat Lesson 4
8th Note Rock and Roll Beat Lesson 5

8th Note Rock and Roll Fills Lessons

8th Note Rock and Roll Fills Lesson 1
8th Note Rock and Roll Fills Lesson 2
8th Note Rock and Roll Fills Lesson 3
8th Note Rock and Roll Fills Lesson 4
8th Note Rock and Roll Fills Lesson 5