Rudiments For The Drum Set Online Lessons

Some drum teachers may argue that drum rudiments are the most crucial part of learning the drums. Because they are the fundamentals of all percussion, Ultimate Drumming encourages our students to learn the key drum rudiments and practice these rudiments through our Rudiments Online Drum Lessons.

What Is A Drum Rudiment?

Rudiments are like scales. They are basic drum patterns and  there are 26 different rudiments within the Ultimate Drumming Guide To Rudiments. When you start compounding and invert rudiments the possibilities are endless when applied to the drum set.

  • Single Stroke Rudiments
  • Double Stroke Rudiments
  • Flams
  • Paradiddles
  • Drag Rudiments

Let's Begin With Learning Paradiddles and Flams

We start with some of the more commonly used rudiments with single paradiddles and flams

Single Paradiddles






Flams 1-5

Double Paradidles 1-5