Learn to play the drums – Disco

Learn to play the drums

Learn to play the drums - Disco

Disco got it's name from the French word discotheque, meaning nightclub, where DJs played records to the dancing young audiences. In the late 1960s, Motown and R&B influenced musicians emphasized more loud, lavish sounds, wild costumes, and fantastic lighting that grew more and more popular in the nightclubs and party scenes in New York and Philadelphia. By the mid 1970's, Disco exploded into the mainstream topping the music charts, featured in movies and the subject of TV dance shows. Towards the end of  the 1970s a Disco backlash developed and fed the Punk music scene with slogans like, "disco sucks" and "death to disco" and by September of 1979 Disco all but disappeared from the music charts. Some stated that Disco was dead, but Disco had already made it's mark and regained some popularity in the mid 2000s and Disco themes are found in some of today's dance music. Disco is not dead....

Now you can learn to play disco on the drums from Master Teacher Jim McCall right here at Ultimate Drumming. Jim has been playing the drums professionally since the age of 15 and studied with the great Henry Adler of NYC for 8 years back in the day. Check out Jim's bio for more information.

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